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 Lotte Brown author - design Afreux - pictures Una Hamilton Helle
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The Mist on the Mountain
reconstructive audioproject - text: Lotte Brown / audio and sound: Piet Dierickx
Web iteration by Inne Eysermans
, exploring text-sound-image and storytelling through performance and interaction in a web environment. Text A Commune - Lotte Brown. This project was developed during a residency at Q-O2,Brussels.

Becoming The Forest II and III,'Treading the arboreal pathway through the backwoods of black metal'publication by Una Hamilton Helle and Lotte Brown, supported by the Norwegian Art Council, distribution by Antenne Books UK  (editor, writer).

Sunview Luncheonette Brooklyn New York, reading from a selection of English work
Multi species research group 

Stadsgenoten, report and research on diversity and equality policies in Flemish Cities, Kenniscentrum Vlaamse Steden (researcher, interviewer, author)

'Dusk is not a good time to go to the supermarket' short story

Deus Ex Machina, magazine for literature (contributor 'Five Poems')

Bonk! International magazine of poetry, prose and artwork. Contribution of very short story 'We found each other rather quick' (author)
Een man in een bloemenblouse, chapbook

Fisheye, M - Museum Leuven / exposition and installation 500 years Vesalius 'Imagining the Body' (researcher, interviewer)

Icas World, editor and writer (on healthcare and psychology)

Agust Residency, international artist residency Iceland (participant)

Pine Bush NY, writing retreat

rooilijn I and II, publication by Art Space Het Bos Antwerpen (editor, writer)

De Krant van het Bos, newspaper about Art Space Scheld'apen/ Het Bos Antwerpen (editor, writer)

Topo Copy openlab-research-center for print, zines, paper, copy, ink and art (researcher, writer)

A La Karte project MAS museum Antwerpen (research project in which every interview took place during - and was structured by- a dinner, head of research, author of research report)

Echangeur documentary film researching Belgium's colonial past with a focus on monuments (adviser)

Bookmaking residence 100 jaar Vooruit, Vooruit Art Center Ghent
Drawing interviews commissioned by Bibliowaas, Lotte Brown & Jango Jim

AMOK film series at KASK cinema (curator, lecturer)

Het Bos/ Scheld'apen Arts center (researcher, writer)

Stedenbeleid Vlaanderen/ Government Agency for Urban Policy Flanders (research project in the city of Mechelen)

Cultural Center Belgica Dendermonde (audiovisual programmer, community projects manager, film introductions and education)

MuHKA Media/ Cinema Zuid (film programmer, lecturer and co-author of Skoop, a publication on audiovisual education)

(Espace) Ladda (researcher and lecturer on counter cultur, youth culture, experimental arts, new media, ... and co-founder of 'Espace Ladda 'research gallery in progress')

Demos researchcenter (researcher on the topic of grassroot movements and hybrid art spaces, co-author of publication 'Tussen Ruimte Kunst en Kapers')

De Pianofabriek Art Space (programmer music and visual arts)

Bibnet (researcher, author and lecturer)

MAF Mestizo Arts Festival Antwerpen, Bookmaking (Die Magdalena) residency at artspace WP Zimmer (researcher, bookmaker)

DOK temporary free space for experiment and social exchange (researcher, co-creator)


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